Gallon Walk Egton

Gallon Walk Egton/Egton Bridge

As much as we love Gallon Walkers…

We love Gallon Walkers but the hotel isn’t large enough to accommodate you inside, this has caused problems in the past when we have evening service and residents.

We therefore no longer serve Gallon Walkers after 5pm. You may also have a problem getting served at the Wheatsheaf and Postgate as they also will be preparing for evening service.

Avoid disappointment

Many of the Gallon Walk maps you find online are now out of date. In order to avoid being disappointed we recommend you start the walk in reserve (if you’re using one of the online maps). You need to start at the Witching Post (great welcome here) then the Wheatsheaf, come down the hill to Postgate then the Horseshoe, leave the Horseshoe and go to the Tavern.

Large group? Let us know!

Let us know you’re coming if possible, we’ll make sure we’ve got plenty of staff on for you, we can even arrange a BBQ for large groups.


Another reason to arrive at the Horseshoe Hotel around lunchtime is because we often have a pop-up BBQ on the front lawn when the weather is good!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Andy or Kate: 01947 895245.

Thank you for your understanding.