Fishing Breaks Yorkshire

Fishing Breaks in Yorkshire

We have fantastic salmon and sea trout fishing here on the estate, combine this with a relaxing stay at the Horseshoe for the perfect fishing break.

With approximately 1.25 miles of double bank fishing, exciting pools and riffles where you’re sure to find passing Seatrout and Salmon, not to mention some stunning scenery.

You find strong runs of Salmon and Sea Trout from May/June onwards and fishing licences are available on a day rate basis.

Fly fishing is recommended with a 6lb yo 10lb breaking strain will help prevent disturbance as stealth is the key to success on the Yorkshire Esk. Spinning can also be very successful when in low water we recommend the use of No.1 or No.2 Mepps (only one set of treble hooks are permitted).

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