Egton, Glaisdale Walk

A beautiful circular 6 mile walk around Egton, breathtaking views, historic graveyards and the famous Beggar’s Bridge.

  1. Turn left out of the hotel, take the stepping stones (provided it hasn’t rained too much!), and turn right on Broom House Lane. If you can’t cross the stones walk over Egton Bridge. You need to head towards the Station & Postgate Inn.
  2. Between the station and the Postgate Inn is Lelum Farm. Head through the farm and past the sheds on the right you’ll soon see the footpath sign, head up the bank to the gate.
  3. Go through the gate and continue straight up keeping the field boundary on your right! Keep dogs on the lead as there is usually sheep!
  4. At the top of Egton you’ll come out onto the road, turn left head towards the mortuary Chapel and follow the footpath to the right of the chapel.
  5. Follow the narrow path, head down the bank into Laverick Dale and cross the Beck (little bridge), follow the footpath signs until you see the Westonby Farm, head through the farm and follow the track left.
  6. Head left down the road (Egton Bank) past Egton Banks Farm until you reach the road Junction at the bottom of the hill. Turn right towards Glaisdale.
  7. At Beggar’s bridge head under the archers and take the footpath through Arncliffe woods.
  8. At the end of Arncliffe Woods turn left and keep walking back to the Horseshoe for a welcoming pint of beer!