Bike Hire Whitby

Electric Bike Hire Whitby

Hire an eBike, ride up steep hills with ease & the rewards are breathtaking…

Hire the latest Electric bikes from the Hotel. The hotel is located at the bottom of three steep hills, on top of these hills is some of the most spectacular scenery in Yorkshire, with very little traffic and good roads make it the perfect place to ride a bicycle.

Electric Bike Hire from £50.00

We have a small selection of electric bikes for hire in and around the Whitby area. Bikes can be hired from the hotel or we can bring them to you if you are in the area (small additional charge applies).

What is an Electric Bike

Electric bike assist your peddling, you have different modes, each mode provides more assistance. If you’re a keen cyclist for example you can switch it to Eco mode so that one in three hill is a little bit easier, if you’re new to cycling switch it to Sport mode and you’ll be able to climb that steep hill with ease.

Range of an Electric Bike

The average range is approximately 30 – 40miles, although keen cyclists could achieve more like 60 – 70miles. So with our electric bike hire you can explore the North York Moors all day!


Electric Bikes are available for 12 hours (1/2 day) – £60 (Friday – Sunday) £50 (Monday – Thursday)
10% Discount for Hotel Residents
Delivery is available to/from Whitby area – £7.50
For more information please call: 07791 304014

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